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Minimum withdrawal decreased

November 12, 2018, by Admin

Dear users,

We are happy we have decreased our minimum withdraw, from 15k satoshi to 10k satoshi. 

You can still earn more by completing our new offerwalls. Earn points and exchange by satoshis.

Kind regards,
Bits4Clicks Staff

Welcome to Bits4Clicks

October 18, 2018, by Admin

Dear users,

We are happy to announce that Bits4Clicks is officially launched today. We want your help to grow together, can you help us? I think we can be a great team.

You may want to know what make us different from others:

  • We use a secure and trustful script, the bitScript.
  • Although new, we think differently from all others, here the two most important things are the user's earnings and the advertisers satisfaction. Just it.
  • We want to keep our community very close to us, and get earning together.

We have some features to our users and our advertisers.

You, as user, can earn a lot with our:

  • Advertisements
  • Surf ads
  • Lottery
  • Offerwalls
  • And more...

And you, our dear advertiser, to you we have:

  • Only bitcoin users
  • PTC ads (active window ad)
  • Surf ads (the best option to increase your Alexa Rank)
  • Detailed click stats
  • And more...

And now is the time for you, our beloved members, to start building your own empire. You are very much in favor of being the first. We will see how Bits4Clicks grows.

Kind regards,
Bits4Clicks Staff